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Times Are Tough But So Are You

red and black striped dress with Luna purse

Hello blog world! Did you all survive the beat down that was 2016? I think the general consensus was that everyone emerged from a roller coaster year a little bit black and blue, but also a bit tougher.

And here is my unpopular opinion about 2016: Overall I liked it.

felt hat, choker, leather jacket

Sometimes it really takes a shocker of a year to give me that ass kicking I desperately needed to get moving on things (and life). Broken heart, broken teeth, overseas adventures, fruitless job searches, oh my! Those are all major things that compelled me to start something new -- TADA! This blog: a visual journey of attempting to dress cute while being a pleb.

why am I making this face

I would just like to open with the disclaimer that my fashion blogging knowledge can be best described as, 'There might have been an attempt at some point.' To be honest, I have no clue what I'm doing, but I'm diving in anyway. There are three things on the checklist of required qualifications I could think of to start me off on this journey, and I checked them all off.

downtown la arts district elephant mural
  • Fondness for clothes.
  • Fondness for taking photos.
  • Emotional support and endless inspiration from awesome people.
  • Fuck it, why not?
red and black skater dress

I'm here to learn, make mistakes, whine about it a little, then carry on. And to you, random person (or friends I threatened into) reading this, your checklists really only need that last bullet point. Whatever it is you're thinking of cooking up (within reason... no murder allowed), do it, petal to the metal it, take that little irritating voice of insecurity that tells you, "But..." and slap it around until it shuts up.

Are you starting something new this year?

too much eyeliner

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte
Outfit details: Hat: Target | Jacket: H&M | Choker: Forever 21 | Dress: Sears | Belt: Madewell | Purse: Amazon | Thigh high socks: America Apparel | Shoes: Target

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