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Stardust and Glamor

Hello and welcome to my first guest star post!

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Genevieve, the first person to be my experimental model way back in the day when I first picked up a camera and had no idea what I was doing as a photographer. I only knew that I liked to clicky click the shutter, she had an ample wardrobe and is photogenic af.

It's only appropriate that she's also the first person (other than me) to appear on my blog. Despite our mutual appreciation for Hello Kitty underpants, our tastes in fashion are astoundingly different -- I'm a fully grown adult shopping away in the kid's section while she's rocking some sophisticated, perfectly fitted statement outfits.

I had a mini-interview with her as she describes very eloquently how she dresses herself.

glamorous in the garden

Angel: How would you describe your personal style?

Genevieve: My style is very much Parisian-influenced. I am generally drawn to classic, understated pieces, and a lot of black. I am also a product of Catholic school and wore a uniform for 12 years, so I appreciate looking polished and appropriate for the occasion.

I default towards dressing up more than dressing for comfort, and I believe you should always put your best self on display, in both demeanor and wardrobe choices.

Case in point: I once ended things with a guy because he didn't own (and refused to own) an iron.

A: So ideally you'd date someone who puts thought and effort into how he dresses?

G: Most definitely.

black jumpsuit red heels fur collar

A: When did you start to really define and solidify your style? Or has it been fluid over the years?

G: I think the origin was back in high school. I went on a trip to France during the Spring Break of my Sophomore year, and remember just being so in awe of the way everyone was dressed in Paris. Everyone looked so put-together and seemed to walk with an air of confidence.

pink raver top from Paris
Photo by Genevieve
Looking back, that trip was really influential because it also exposed me to this new emergence of electronica and rave culture that was gaining popularity in Europe (Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Underworld), and when I returned to the States, I sought that out the creative expression of the artists both in their music, and also their personal style was really inspiring to me.

And that kinda became my after-hours persona. I was proper and refined in my plaid skirt and starched blouse during the day, and had fun with glitter and beads and oversized jeans at night and on the weekends.

On that same trip, I remember telling myself I had to buy one article of clothing while I was there, and I spotted this sleeveless boatneck pink top that was just beautiful, so I bought it and it became part of my little raver girl ensemble, and I still have it to this day. I don't think I can bear to ever give it up.

So I came back from that trip inspired by the culture and style, and I think it just continued to develop from there. I would probably have to say my wardrobe is the love-child of Chanel and Gaultier.

classy lady in Los Feliz

A: You're big on the music scene. If you could describe this particular outfit in terms of music, what genre would it be?

G: Hmm, I would say probably classical, but more so "subversive classical," like Philip Glass or John Cage. Refined, but still with a bit of an edge.

A: What kind of event would you wear this to? And what would your date wear?

G: It's perfect for a night out on the town. I wore this exact outfit to a gallery show a while back about Mick Rock's photography of David Bowie. And looking back to that, what a wild coincidence! Talk about fashion inspiration - David Bowie was such a style icon. That exhibition documented the rise of his Ziggy persona, but it also captured his early influence on the fashion world.

I remember my favorite piece from that evening was this portrait shot of Bowie in this sort of powdery blue-green suit, in heavy, bold make-up and looking so androgynously lovely. I must have stared at that portrait for a good 10 minutes, just in awe. He had such an other-worldly sense of style that was so impressive and inspiring.

But I digress... I could go on and on about his style. I would say this black jumpsuit is also fun for a night out downtown at the Opera or the Philharmonic, with my date in McQueen menswear.

Classy styled jumpsuit

A: I can definitely see the Bowie in this outfit in terms of glam and silhouette. Do  you have any other fashion icons?

G: Oh for sure. Tom Ford - he always looks so polished, and is unforgiving about always looking his best. Grace Jones has always had incredible style, in the same vein as Bowie. Bjork's style when she performs is unreal. I love the way she plays with texture and colors. The infamous swan dress she wore to the Academy Awards was really burned into my memory. I recreated it one year for Halloween. Had a lot of fun sewing that. A lot of the musicians I like are also my style inspirations: Iggy Pop can wear the hell out of a pair of leather pants; Adam Ant gave us the Revolutionary War/Glam hybrid look.

A: Do you also make your own clothes sometimes then?

G: I do, when I can find the time. The great thing about making your own clothes is that you create the precise look you want, with a precise fit. Often I'll go in a store and think, "this would look great in a solid," or, "this dress just needs a longer hem and more tailored waist..."

Skirts and shift dresses are the easiest to make, so I started with those. My mother sews, and taught me when I was younger. It's something we've shared my whole life basically. It's a special bond.
I really enjoy costume design, and I always try to make my Halloween costumes.

A: We should do a costume shoot sometime in the future!

black jumpsuit red heels in the garden

A million thanks to Gen for appearing so polished and sleek on my blog! You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

How do your friends' styles differ from yours?

Photo cred: Me!
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