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The Tides That Carry

asos print dress with oxford heels

There's nothing like finding a melody that goes in your ears, and makes a nest in your soul. We've all experienced this, or at least I hope you have, because it's a magical, fantastical, iris dilating experience -- an instant shot of amour and intimacy. Sometimes certain music just hits that empty spot in your heart that you've been trying really hard to conceal.

It's like the music really gets you. Or at least, it really gets you in that very particular moment in time. It knows your heartache, your frustrations, it's the missing piece you've been desperately looking for. It hits you right in the feels and amps it up tenfold.

It looks I got a little bit poetic there -- quite uncharacteristic of someone who talks a lot (and sometimes only) about churro ice cream sandwiches, farts, and cats. But once in a blue moon, a song comes along and all you want to do is pop those headphones on, put it on repeat, and dissolve into the tune.

pussy bow dress

I've had a strange week myself -- had a plethora of activities that ranged from anxiety-ridden (doctors and dentists), to shooting photos completely out of my comfort zone (for a couple of creative, avant-garde actors), to utter frustration (fighting Instagram tooth and nail to try and get my hashtags working), to hauling ass to the airport at 5am (new job in LA starting... now!)

I'm very tall in heels

So I'll leave you with two songs that kept me in check as I ran around like a headless chicken, trying to get everything done in time.

Hope you enjoy these as much as me!

What kind of music gets your juices bubbling? 

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte | EditingMe! | Special Thanks: Kyle Townsend for the studio space and LED light show extravaganza.
Outfit details: Dress: QED London @ Asos | Belt: H&M | Socks: American Apparel | Shoes: Aldo | Ring: Forever 21
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