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Red coat sweater dress winter fashion.

I'm back in Vancouver for a good fortnight before I run off to good-ol'-shorts-weather-year-round-foodie-paradise LA again. There just happens to be a cold snap here... Sunny but frozen -- the kind of crispy winter that feels like it can make your ears fall off. Of course, if I had more time here I'd invest in some ridiculously pink and ludicrously poofy earmuffs, but alas, I'm only here for a little bit of medical TLC.

Winter time panda hat.

The whole ThatPerfectBloggerLife isn't really for me, so here is a semi gripe-y post juxtaposed with fun time snow panda photos. I'm really feeling the pressure of life right now, but at the time the pictures were taken, the onslaught of bad news had not yet reached me, hence the look of glimmering hope in my eyes.

In Canada we call beanies toques. This is a panda toque.

It rarely snows in Vancouver, but this year the snow started with a one day fluke, and then to a lot of people's dismay, just kept going. I got dressed in a hurry when the sun peeked out after a snow day, and dashed outside without gloves on. Feeling the fresh crunch of snow under my boots was such a rare treat, A white-ish backdrop makes reds really pop -- hence my adoration for this coat even though it's not all that insulated. White and red, how delightfully Canadian. I don't usually like loosey goosey sweaters that makes me look like a shapeless tube, but when the temperature dips, all fucks go out the window.

Plus, this particular sweater dress looks like a confetti cake. Bonus points.

Basic winter stroll in the park outfit.

As this post is scheduled to be published, I'm probably sitting back in a dentist chair suffering through a root canal in sordid combination of mind racing with boy problems (not connected, but when it rains it pours) while a single tear rolls from my eye. Truth be told, the bill for this procedure will sting more than any kind of pain that could be inflicted with dentist tools that look like horror movie props. And the boy problems, well that's a story for another time when there's ample whiskey to be had.

Striped socks over Chelsea boots aww yes.

So, if I survive this, there will be more posts to come. I have a lot of shoots lined up that I'm excited to get to (including ones featuring my hot friends and their hot outfits), but right now all I can think about is how much I don't want to do anything but curl up, watch all the Harry Potters in one sitting, and sob a little lot to recharge.

Red coat is from Forever 21.

On a different note, since starting on this wonk blogging adventure, I've been very curious as to how other bloggers (or people in general) manage their online personas vs IRL-selves. Indulge me, I'm still learning.

Do you show only a facet of yourself? How do you want other people to see you? How do you think they actually see you? Is ThatPerfectBloggerLife™ something you try to incorporate into your presence or is it something that just happens?

Outfit details: Polo shirt: Aéropostale | Sweater dress: Urban Behavior | Coat: Forever 21 | Leggings: Target | Socks: Ardene | Boots: Joe Fresh | Ring: H&M | Hat: A gift from my fam Logan

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