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Productivity Cheat Sheet

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I do that thing. That thing where I sit down to get to work, with every intention to knock out a killer blog post, but then suddenly remember that I wanted to make enchiladas for dinner. So I start looking up recipes, and before I know it, Im butt deep in memes and halfway through season 17 of Law and Order SVU.

Also, it's 10pm, and I completely forgot about the enchiladas.

Being sidetracked and then being sidetracked from being sidetracked seems to be a running theme with me recently, so I put together a handy dandy cheat sheet of things to do to encourage less dilydallying and more getting your shit done. 

who says you can't look cute while going to work?

Ready, Set, Listen!
Make a work playlist of podcasts or music that will help you get into the zone. Make it as long as you possibly can so you don't have to fiddle with it while you're in the middle of working. 

Set a Timer
I recently started setting timers as I worked to keep track of how long I've been doing a task, and how long I've been taking a break. It is super helpful for those times when it feels like time is going by too fast or too slow and I just can't tell anymore. When you're done, you can see how long you've spent on a project and learn how to optimize your time. I use the app Timesheet for this (Android). My iPhone using friend swears by Flexishift.

Chuck Your Phone
My phone is the biggest source of distraction for me. Sometimes I work for four minutes and suddenly remember I meant to tweet that hilarious photo of my cat scooting his butt across the floor. A slight buzz sounds, and I frantically poke at the screen to see if dude in question is texting me or if it's just that same number that keeps calling to inform me I've won a free cruise and all I have to do is enter my credit card number, again. There are entirely too many things to do on a phone, and it's detrimental to productivity, so I came up with a quick solution -- put your phone where it's out of comfortable reach. I don't mean tie it to a rock and chuck it into the ocean, just simply out of the radius of your arm's reach so you'd have to get up to go get it. Laziness can be used to your advantage.

glitter and gold heart printed shirt makes me happy

Take Breaks
Sometimes I power through things for too long, and get really frazzled and grumpy as I crash. Taking frequent short (3 - 5 minute) breaks every half hour or so can be really refreshing and help you refocus on the task at hand with less brain glitches. Set alarms so you know when to get up and decompress a little.

Fuel Yourself
No energy brain = no working brain. Make sure you have some snacks every once in a while to keep up the momentum. By that I don't mean pure delicious trash like chips and donuts. While those are certainly tempting, I opt for bananas, the most magical of fruits to keep me fueled and happy.

posing under a neon sign

Go Somewhere
I find that working at home is by far the least productive place for me. Whether it's the temptation to just fire up HBO Go or to slouch so low on the couch that it feels like I have melted into the cushions, it's not the best place for work. In public, I get a little boost of determination to at least keep up with the appearance that I'm working and being productive, and that in turn helps me to actually get real work done. Cafes definitely do the trick, but if $5 lattes every day start to get a bit steep, the library is the place to go.

Look Cute!
Last but not least, dress like you're ready to kick some serious work butt! If you're dressed to feel like you're in it for a productive ass kicking work session, you will end up kicking the aforementioned ass.

What are your productivity hacks? Let me know because I need all the help I can get.

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte EditingMe!
Outfit details: Shirt: Target | Necklace: Madewell | Jeans: Genetic | Denim Jacket: Blank NYC | Hair Bow: H&M | Shoes: Forever 21 | Backpack: Amazon
11 comments on "Productivity Cheat Sheet"
  1. I love your post! You crack me up! I just started doing a list. It has been helping so far! But it's not enough! I think I need to chuck my phone and I just download the flexishift app. Thanks again!

  2. I totally get more work done when I'm dressed up for the day! Even if I'm sitting at my kitchen table :)

  3. I totally get more done when I'm dressed up for the day! Even if I'm just sitting at my kitchen table :)

  4. Totally relate to "Being sidetracked and then being sidetracked from being sidetracked". Great post.

  5. Thank you for sharing, I am being overwhelmed with school work and blogging, but I can't do without my phone first thing in the morning after my prayers.

  6. I am forever getting sidetracked. I forget things all the time. I've learned that if I need to stay on track or remember to do something that I absolutely must set some sort of alarm or alert on my phone to remind, if I don't then it most definitely will never get done.

  7. Great ideas! Saving these for later!

  8. I really loved your tips .Except for dress cute I follow all the above mentioned tips.Great post.