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Postmodern Fashion: A Clash of Eras

silver zara jacket
Varsity jacket, metallic jacket, sushi shirt, perky blonde ponytail. You'd think she walked right out of some obscure cartoon in which the 80's, 90's, and present time all melded together... But no, this is Meghan, one of the first people I met when I moved to Vancouver in 2011. We met at work, and back then we both toiled at a dusty work environment, and neither of us wore anything that resembled what we actually wore off the clock. I had no idea what her sense of style was until we started hanging out outside of work -- on weekends, it was like colors and textures just suddenly exploded. Frankly, she taught me a lot about fashion. I was still rocking theonehoodie™ some days, too uninspired to try on new things back then. I have to say, over the course of years, she did have a huge influence on how I decide to style myself.

We've done numerous photoshoots prior to me starting this blog -- she was a helpful volunteer model for me to practice my photography on. And now, I will probably be hounding her to appear here more often than not. And for good reason too -- she brings a lively, vibrant palette that really jives with my aesthetics. For this post, we talk a bit about her style.

jacket layering with sushi shirt
Angel: Tell me about your sense of style.
Meghan: I really like a clash of eras, so I like to draw upon different influences from pop culture. For example, the silver jacket is inspired by the character Vince Noir from the Mighty Boosh who wears an amazing mirror ball suit... and he's kind of one of my style icons. I also have an interest in contemporary fashion in terms of what's popular, but I tend to pick a particular track of what's popular. For a while, I shopped mostly at vintage stores, and I think my style is still influenced by vintage fashion. For instance, the varsity jacket to me is always kind of an Archie comic reference. Particularly in red and white.

a very Canadian salute on a pile of snow.
Angel: You really like the varsity jackets.
Meghan: It's kind of athletic, but not athletic wear. It has some superhero-y references. Like Captain Canada.

Angel: And the layering of both jackets?
Meghan: The decision to layer 2 jackets is a very practical one based on Vancouver winter.

Angel: What about the rest of the outfit?
Meghan: I want to say something about the sushi shirt, but I don't know what to say. It's just fucking awesome.

zara silver jacket, asos varsity jacket, h&m sushi shirt.
Angel: Are there any other style influences?
Meghan: I feel like my style is very post modern in some ways, because I would draw on influences from every time period as inspiration. I'm very interested in the line between costume and street wear, and something that would be acceptable to wear without looking like a costume.  I recently realized that there are a lot of style icons from 90's television that continue to influence me. For example, agent Scully from the X-Files -- she is the reason I wear pearl earrings today... Much to my embarrassment.

zara silver jacket embroidery details on back
Angel: This is the first time I've taken pictures of you while dancing with headphones on full blast. That was totally your call.
Meghan: There's a danger when being photographed that you can look too posed, and I wanted to figure out a way to subvert it, so I played some very loud music and I couldn't hear anything you were saying. And people were laughing at us while we were shooting. 

Angel: Anything else you liked about this shoot?
Meghan: We shot part of this at Aberdeen Centre, and I think that was appropriate, because after having lived in Vancouver for over a decade, I think that certain aspects of Japanese and more broadly, Asian fashion has had a slight influence. The sushi shirt fits into that. And embracing cutesy things as well. 

boba tea, the fashion blogger's drink of choice.
Angel: What do you gravitate towards when shopping for clothes?
Meghan: When I'm shopping, the first thing I look for is bright colors -- anything bold or silver, and I always look for patterns as well. I also design patterns, so I'm always looking for pattern inspiration. I really like things that I feel reference something in culture. For example, things looks like a Michael Jackson jacket or something that Vince Noir would wear. I like things that are playful, and there's often some aspect of the ridiculous in most of my outfits. 

Angel: What do you stay away from?
Meghan: Beige. Not a fan of army green. And wide pants.

giant gudetama plushies
Angel: What do you think of being on my fashion blog?
Meghan: You're always going to try extra hard when you're appearing on a blog, it won't necessarily what you wear every day, because it should be a bit extra. That said, this is an outfit I wear on any given day, so it's still accurate. I'm not trespassing.

PS. For anyone who's wondering what a mirror ball suit is, here is a link to the clip. You won't be disappointed by the sheer glitz and holographic magic that will dazzle your eyes. 

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Photo cred: Me!
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