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Round Up - Leap into Spring Edition

Welcome to Super-FlyDay!

WTF is this, you ask? Didn't ask? Well too bad, let me tell you anyway. On Fridays, allow me send you into the weekend with a grab bag of goodies -- link round ups, features, gag posts, guest posts, guest gag posts... anything goes!

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We're kicking off the first Super-FlyDay with a compilation of fashion bloggers ushering in the spring with their unique styles.

Palm Beach, Florida proves to be a warm weathered haven for this magnificent and bold off the shoulder shirt. I don't think I've seen anything remotely like it even as a compulsive window shopper.
Oh, and that star choker? As someone slightly obsessed with stars and constellations, I would trample over some people just to have something like it.

Speaking of off shoulder, Deb here is making me jealous with her adorable dress.

Light woven fabric is quite possibly the most comfortable type of material to wear when the weather starts to heat up, and they gently scream, "Wanna look cute but it's too hot to feel like you even want to put on clothes? Don't worry, I got you!" 

The look reminds me of warm sunsets, flowery meadows, ivy covered cottages, apple pies at a picnic... you get the idea. It's easy peasy whimsy.

It's also nostalgia, simplicity, and of course, cuteness all wrapped into one.

See, Eliza right here is why I love to blog about personal style. I can never dream of even remotely pulling off a look like this, but seeing her wear athleisure with such fierceness is like... mind blown. (What do you mean I don't exercise? I do, by lifting pizza directly to my face!)

I do really, really love those shorts, as I do have some kind of weird obsession with anything shiny. If anyone were to go out for a run, I would expect them to wear something on this awesome level or go home!

Pairing it with a vividly bright yellow bag? HELL YES. The world needs more yellow, and I'm incredibly amped that it looks like it's going to be a color that's gonna hit the ground running this season. (I have yet to experience it though, in my part of the world, it's still winter! ARGH!)

This jacket is truly one of a kind. There's a lot going on there, and I'm mesmerized!

Wanna keep warm but don't wanna blend into the crowd? Rachel's jacket right here has got your back! (HA! GET IT? Ok I will keep the puns to a minimum from now on.)

I think garments nowadays have really lost a sense of detailed embellishment, and this jacket slaps that in the face with its bold colors and mix of unique textures.

Oh, and there are two other jackets on Rachel's blog post that are perfect for spring!

Carefree Blonde
So, now that you've seen a plethora of different styles for spring, where can you wear these fantastic ideas to?

Let Emily be your tour guide! I was able to travel vicariously through her blog to Paris!

Have you been to Paris?

I sure haven't, but I would like to!

Emily's post really triggered my wanderlust -- all those photos of the incredible architectural details of Notre Dame, the Parisian skyline under a blanket of dramatic clouds... I'm ready to book myself a one way ticket there.

So, this concludes my first Super-FlyDay round up post! Hope you enjoyed it, were inspired by these incredible ladies, and I wish you all a great weekend.

PS. Feel free to comment with a link to your blog if you want to be in future round up posts!
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  1. Hi dear! Thank you so much for this lovely feature and for your words. You got the style perfectly and I'm glad you like the outfit. Also, thanks for introducing us to the other amazing girls in this feature, I can tell you it means a lot for all of us. <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Very happy to have you in the round up!!