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Zero In On Your Style

what is your personal style?
For a personal style blogger, I have to say that I really didn't have much of a style until the last two or so years. Everything has been somewhat of a trial and error because I had trouble identifying exactly what I wanted to say via what I chose to wear. Sometimes I just got too flustered and went with a mish-mash of elements that I liked in theory, but didn't necessarily work well together. It takes time to whittle down what works, what doesn't, and slowly grow your wardrobe with items that complement you.

So, I put together a little questionnaire to help zero in on what exactly my style consists of. Maybe this can also help anyone out there who haven't the faintest idea how to have a consistent look to go for. Feel free to answer these! I'd love to see what you have to say.

iron on patches are all the rage.
But first, let me talk a little bit about the outfit I'm wearing for this post. Is it me? Oh yes, very -- there's a line between childish and casual, and I love to trample all over it. I was so happy that the denim overall dress came back into trend over the fall and winter (albeit it being entirely too cold to wear while I was in Vancouver), but on its own it was a little too bland for me. In comes iron on patches to the rescue! They're everywhere nowadays, so finding something that resonates with you wouldn't be all that difficult. I love it when things are a little adorable and a little rude. Bonus points when there are rainbows involved.

The red jacket is one of those things that can easily be paired with just about anything -- sometimes when I don't have the willpower to dress myself like a decent human, I can throw that on over a hot mess, and it provides the pop of color that screams, "I swear I know what I'm doing!"

rude iron on patch is rude
And as for thigh high socks? Well honestly I wish all my socks are thigh high. I would truly wear them in lieu of pants forever if that little gap up top didn't kill me when the temperature drops below freezing. But I will vouch for them hardcore as a spring and fall staple.

Enough rambling about my outfit, and onto the questions! Grab your pens and notebooks!

What colors do you gravitate towards?
Generally pastels -- teal, pink, lavender are my favorites. Basically I want to look like an Easter basket.

What colors do you avoid?
Black, grey, beige. I don't not like black, but I have a cat that sheds tornado fur balls, and I don't have the patience to run a lint roller over everything five times before heading out of the house. As for grey and beige, they're just too monotone for me. I feel like it's a camouflage for asphalt and dirt.

a questionnaire to help you identify your style
What silhouette/shape do you love?
Fit and flare -- fitted tops and skirts with volume. I don't really have a waist (naturally shaped like a refrigerator), so anything that poofs on the bottom gives the the illusion of having that hour glass shape.

If you have to wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
Alexander McQueen. Baroque, hell yes. There's a real sense of brand consistency when it comes to McQueen, and their current creative director Sarah Burton certainly carried the torch beautifully. For me, McQueen is the stuff of fairy tales, royalty, and phantasm.

Do you shop for quality or quantity or both?
For financial reasons I generally go for quantity. It gives me more chances to mix things up. I do appreciate the longevity of quality made items, and maybe when I have a better paying job I'd stick my nose into exploring that more.

What is the most pesky problem you have while buying clothes, and how do you compensate for it?
Everything is really short on me because I'm tall. Good thing I like to sew -- I've made a few bloomers in different colors to wear underneath dresses and skirts so it's not butt cheek city when summer rolls around.

how to dress for your personality
What personality traits are you expressing when you make your style choices?
I think I tend to veer towards dark personality-wise, am sarcastic and self-deprecating. I feel like a contradiction a lot of the time, so I like to offset the darker parts of myself with colorful for that unpredictability factor. Basically, think cute but might stab you quietly while listening to Avril Lavigne.

What era in time do you feel best illustrates your style?
It's a mixed bag, really. There are a lot of elements from each decade that I appreciate, but only if they're re-purposed into something new. For example, feed sack prints from the 30's are absolutely incredible, but shape wise I'd dip back to the Baroque era. If there were a mix of those two, I'd lose my bloody mind.

List three adjectives that describe you.
Logical, creative, head in the clouds. These things seem contradictory, but when I'm spaced out with my head in the clouds, I'm probably trying to figure out the most efficient way to do something.

List three adjectives that describe your style. How do they complement or contrast the above?
Colorful, childish, whimsical. I think they do illustrate the creative and head in the clouds aspects. As for logical, I swear there's a method to the madness. Piecing together outfits from a wardrobe of many colors certainly requires some kind of logic. At least I hope.

heart shaped sunnies are the best
So, how did you answer these questions? Did they help you assess your style a little bit better?

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte EditingMe!

Outfit details: Jacket: Joe Fresh | Shirt, overalls: H&M | Bunny patch: Daiso| Rainbow patch: Pygmy Hippo Shoppe | Socks: Target | Shoes: Ardene | Watch: Linjer | Sunglasses: Some guy at Venice Beach.
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  1. This post is so inspiring! I may just have to do something like this... it's so refreshing to read content that is different from the typical fashion blogs out there.. and that jumper! Omg I need. Haha. You look adorable and I love your personal style. :) <333

    1. Eeeee thank you!! Still waiting for it to not be freezing so I can wear more jumpers like this, but I've been hiding indoors to stay dry warm. *Angrily yells at clouds*

      Totally eel free to use these questions on your blog if you want!! It'll be super cool to see what your answers to them are!

  2. Really nice look, and love that first photo xoxo

  3. I love these questions! I feel like my style changes frequently so it's hard for me to narrow down what I want in my closet. I'm going to work on these!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Mine changes a lot too... but it's always cool to go back to a piece after a while and pair it with other things!

  4. So interesting to read about your style!!!

  5. This outfit is so fun! I love the denim jumper and plaid coat.

    Greta |

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  8. These are fantastic questions, amazing to really identify your style!

  9. Love this outfit!! It's totally out there for me but it looks so well pulled off!!!

  10. Pinpointing my style is so hard. I like a little bit of everything! Your outfit is darling!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

    1. Aww thank you!! I like a little of everything too!

  11. I'm with you in the tall department - so hard to find stuff long enough! And also same with the avoiding black/dark colors. I have pets that shed a lot as well, so I would never be able to leave the house! And I love a good fit-and-flare - they're my favorite!

  12. i love this post & your style! the clothes you wear are a true reflection of you. be unapologetically yourself and confidence radiates :-)

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    1. Go for it!! I'd love to see your take on it!

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