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Queen On A Dime

how to feel like a queen
How do you dress like royalty when your budget is tighter than those one pair of skinny jeans that you ordered in the wrong friggin size?

I haven't the faintest idea when I was first planning this shoot.

But I do think the concept of royalty is up for debate. Hear me out.

When my friend and I challenged ourselves to our annual tradition -- selfie off, we initially intended for it to explore creativity and photography. Over the span of a few weeks, we would take 'selfies' and edit them to our liking. And I put the selfie in quotes because we have veered from your every day front phone camera pictures to whipping out our DSLRs, tripods, remotes, and other fancy schmancy set ups.
dressing royal on a budget
Over the last year to now, we started to elaborate on the idea of just plain photographing ourselves and assigned themes to abide by. This year being the first year that my blog has materialized into existence, I decided to throw fashion and personal style into the mix.

And the theme for this shoot, if you haven't already guessed, is royalty.

Now, I'm not someone who has drawers full of jewelry, nor do I have the budget for hand embroidered gowns, diamond clad accessories, or designer shoes that cost more than 3 months worth of rent. If anything, I feel more like a pauper princess.

But guess what, I hereby declare that I am royalty in my own right. And that, my lovely subjects, is that I am the queen of arts and crafts.

queen dress up
My point is, you don't need to be shrouded in big name labels to be queen for a day. You go find something that you enjoy, that you love spending time on, that you're good at, or practicing to be good at, something you're passionate about, and you own that shit. Wear your passion like a badge of honor.

For this theme, I proclaimed myself queen of arts and crafts by crocheting a crown. I might be a beginner, made tons of mistakes (that thankfully do not show up in these photos) but I truly loved every minute of the 4 hours it took to construct it.

crochet crown outfit
The red coat (with removable faux fur collar) is something I've had for a long time, and nothing I'm wearing in this set cost more than $35. But once the finished crown went on my head, I felt pretty damned royal, and nobody can tell me otherwise.

So what is your royal claim to fame? Perhaps you are the queen of painting, programming, writing, quantum physics, blogging even? The world is yours to grab by the balls.

*Curtsies out.*

Outfit details: Crochet crown: I made it with my hands! The site with the pattern has disappeared or I'd link it. | Choker, coat, shirt: Forever 21 | Leggings, shoes: Target
3 comments on "Queen On A Dime"
  1. I just love your blog so much and I am so happy that we found each other here! Haha this post is beautiful and hilarious and creative and downright refreshing and your photos are superb. Hmmm.. what am I queen of? Thrifting? Dying my own hair? Queen of cats, maybe? Thanks for such a fun and inspiring read. That crafty crown is perf on you. <333

    1. AHHH all hail the queen of cats!! I would like to visit your castle if it's full of catsss!! (I'm a not so secret cat lady.) And yes I'm so glad I found your blog and met you! You're one of the coolest bloggers I know for reals!