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Rock n' Roll

rock and roll fashion
Last time Genevieve appeared on my blog, she was glam rock. This time, she returns with more edge, more classic rock. Make absolutely no mistake -- this girl loves music, and you can see it right away in her style.

We walked through Los Feliz when we took these photos -- for those of you who aren't familiar with Los Angeles, it's a neighborhood wedged between hipsterville Silver Lake and Hollywood. Basically, a place that's an amalgamation of the two, combining so-trendy-it-hurts-your-teeth charm and mainstream razzle dazzle.

Of course, it's also the perfect backdrop for this particular going out on the town Gen outfit. Her closet is a treasure trove for every occasion, and for someone like me -- a homebody who prefers to melt on the couch, it's genuinely intriguing to have her put on something she would wear to a concert. That is, not the opera or philharmonic like in the last post.

leather fashionista in los angeles
She breaks it down for me.

First, that amazing jacket with shoulders that look like they can slay a man:

The jacket is Robert Rodriguez. The sleeves and waist are detachable by zipper which provides 4 different looks -  I thought it was just such a clever design!

Second, and of course, something to show her love and appreciation for heavy duty rock:

The tee is Brandy Melville.  Like everything else from that brand, this shirt is so soft and comfy, and I live in it. I am a Zeppelin fan and own a few shirts, but this by far is my favorite.

And to pull the whole look together:

And finally, the pants are Ralph Lauren in black leather. I think I wear them to pretty much every concert I go to because I just always feel so Rock & Roll when I put them on.

rock concert going out outfit

I pointed out that her wardrobe is full of sleek pieces with great silhouettes, and asked if that was something she applies to both more formal and casual looks:

Oh thanks! Yeah, I feel like more fitted and structured garments look better on my frame because I'm shorter, but I also like the aesthetic of structured pieces - they give a more polished look.

And lastly, the most important question of all... I asked if she appreciates lederhosen?

I love the lederhosen!

And I love saying lederhosen! It's definitely not something I can pull off myself, but who cares, because they look amazing on her!

Photo cred: Me!
10 comments on "Rock n' Roll"
  1. These photos are amazing.. her style is amazing.. you're amazing.. I love the way you capture your images.. cannot get enough of your blog. I am from Southern California (the valley.. valley girl wah wah) so you have me very nostalgic rn haha. Perf, darling.

    1. Ahhhhh thank you so much!!! What part of the valley?? LOL I used to hang out in Winnetka a lot coz my ex lived there... Seriously WAH WAHHH sad trombone hahahaha!!

  2. I would love to own Ralph Lauren leather pants some day! Loved your look and photographs :)

  3. The black leather pants do look awesome. And the Los Feliz area would be the perfect spot to take those pictures. You chose a great location.

  4. Love these clothes. completely my style... If i was 70lbs lighter lol. Looking great on you though.

  5. I love this outfit, so chic! All black everything with a pop of white or colour is a really great statement outfit.

  6. Loving this entire look - outfit, hair, and makeup!

    Allie |

  7. This is a very good look for you. I must admit that you are wearing my favorite colors. It's so much you can do with black on black with white.

  8. This is a classic look. It would definitely look good on just about anyone. Great choice.

  9. Woah Girl! The leather you're wearing is such a killer. You're absolutely slaying in this look. :D