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Sunshine Yellow

la fashion district blog shoot
Last week I showed you all around Hogwarts as a Slytherin, now let me introduce you to a lovely Hufflepuff -- my friend Alex hailing from Arizona. I knew she had a bright yellow skirt in her arsenal and asked her to bring that trademark Hufflepuff colored garment along when we met up in LA.

I've wanted to do more photoshoots with her for a while now, but every time we met up it was simply too hectic -- running around Anime Expo, Comic Con, driving to Seattle... we hardly had time to get dressed let alone take pictures! And this time... well let's just say the rain wasn't exactly accommodating, but that wonderful skirt was the ray of sunshine that was somehow impossibly missing in Southern California that day.

Honestly, it was a bit strange seeing Alex in photo sets where she isn't in costume. Oh yeah, let me back track a little... she sews! She cosplays! She morphs into her favorite anime and game characters, and she makes all of the costumes herself. So imagine my surprise when she showed me photos of this amazing skirt she made. I knew it had to be on my blog.

Without further ado, let's get on with the Q & A with Alex!

cute hufflepuff inspired fashion
Angel: How would you describe your usual style?
Alex: My usual style is pretty slobbish in my opinion. Graphic tees, the same pants, messy hair. I work production at a high market news station so I'm used to rolling out of bed and getting into whatever doesn't smell or look like funk. Most of the time I'm lifting, moving or gripping for someone, so dressing nice isn't on my radar. On the weekends though? I'll put on a flowery top, try for a cute dress and trade my converse for heels. I always want to aim for a smart casual look if I have the energy for it.

Angel: Tell me about what you like to sew and what made you want to make this skirt.
Alex:  I love to sew complex things that are above my skill level. It forces me to learn more so that I can ensure my garment looks professional even if no one is going to scrutinize the hems. I'm mainly self taught (minus a beginners course in high school) so what I know comes from videos, tutorials and books. I never had a real interest in making casual clothes for myself until a friend said she was interested making her own clothes. I thought about how cool it would be to do that, and then I watched a documentary on the fashion industry, fast fashion, and how it's an awful cycle that's toxic. I've been mindful of the environment since I was a child so I thought it would be more environmentally friendly if I were to just make my own clothes that I know will last for longer than one wash.

I have half pride in the skirt. The yellow is an organic cotton blend that was dyed naturally from a distributor in New Mexico. I'm not so proud of the lining which was bought from a cheap fabric store locally. I couldn't find an organic lining that would have worked well with it, and I caved to my own impatience but damn if it isn't cute. If it weren't obscene, I would flip a bit of my skirt to everyone so they could see the cute yellow polka dots under it.

The skirt was basically a gateway for me to think more about my fabric choices and dyes since fabric is like plastic and doesn't decompose quickly once thrown out. I now recycle all of my scrap fabric at a local community recycling center specifically for garments thanks to the city of Tempe.

a hufflepuff in los angeles
Angel: I know you feel more comfortable in costumes, but would you consider sewing more of your own clothes? And what kind of stuff would you make?
Alex: I kind of had an interest in sewing my own pants!! My weight fluctuates, but I could never find the right pair that fits my butt nicely without being too tight or being jeggings. Pants can be tailored beautifully and fit a person well, but to be honest, making pants and shorts confuse the heck out of me. I always have to look up a visual guide to see what side goes where or else I could be sewing the wrong thing together and then the butt is on the front. 

I'm also eager to make my own blazer. Every time I find a nice one and stick my hand in the front pocket, the pocket turns out to be fake! So I immediately turn away. I can't justify buying a blazer for the high price they're asking if there isn't a damn pocket.

Angel: What other fandom inspired street clothes do you want to make?
Alex:  I tend to lean towards the shoujo manga (graphic novels aimed at young female readers) outfits as my inspiration outside of cosplay. A lot of them are dressed well, but a good portion don't translate to real life if they're more fashionable. I'm very picky and hesitant to get out of my bubble to begin with, so not a lot catches my eye. 

When it does, I feel a surge to make what I see immediately. It may just be a skirt or dress or even an accessory. The clothes in manga are sometimes taken from Japanese street fashion so the clothes can appear really eccentric or really fashion forward. I always thought what characters wore in mangas were cool when I was younger, so being able to make what I see for daily wear is absolutely exciting. Especially when people don't know the origin of the garment.

yellow skirt outfit
Angel: Where does a Hufflepuff wear the outfit in this shoot to?
Alex: Storytime? I originally wore my Huffle-outfit for my friend's very first mass as a Catholic priest, so it's quiet special to me. When he told me he wanted to be a priest when we were 15, I said, "I'll go to your first mass if I'm able to." When I found out he was being ordained in Phoenix, I had just started on the skirt and decided it would be a good outfit to go to church in. I paired it with a black top with a gold accent on the chest, my wide brim hat and heels. I wore nothing else and kept it simple. It was scary for me at first because I never wore anything so nice before (not even to church. A first communion dress doesn't count at this point. Nice pants and nice top will do just fine, thank you.)

First time out with the yellow skirt!
I hate it when people look at me out of costume, and I knew the yellow skirt was yelling, "HELLO EVERYONE HOW ARE YOU!" I managed to avoid everyone because I was a bit late for mass, so I sat in my favorite area (the back) and was the first one out because we were promised cake in celebration of my friend being a new priest. Immediately as I was looking around for where to go, an older woman stopped me and said I looked wonderful. I was incredibly surprised because I'd never had a compliment outside of cosplay before. She even wanted to take my picture which was even more surprising. A few more older ladies (and gentlemen) stopped me to compliment my outfit and and another said I was a crafty darling once she learned I had made the skirt myself.

The best moment was when a grandmother said  I looked like a vibrant ray of happiness. It was like she made my fears of wearing something nice melt away. Even though the skirt was so stupidly simple, it felt so encouraging to hear since I admittedly have some low self esteem. 

So to return to the original question, everywhere. I haven't worn the skirt much because the only thing I can think of to pair it with is a black top (I'm not very creative here.) It's the only garment that sits neatly pressed in my closet ready to be worn. I put so much thought into the skirt that I know I will wear it again. When? I have no idea. Once I get out from behind the camera one weekend I might.

how to wear a bright yellow skirt

Want to see Alex in her hand made costumes? Head over to her Instagram or Facebook Page. She's also a fledgling blogger! Check out her blog about everything nerdy under the sun.

Photo cred: Me!
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  1. Wow.. these photos are superb. I actually think the rain added to the whole aesthetic of the outfit and made that skirt POP. What an adorable friend and adorable post! Hope your week is awesome! <3

    1. Thank you!! ^__^ I was worried about this set but when I started editing, the yellow was SO BRIGHT I was like THAT WORKED OUT WELL! Thanks, love! I hope your move is going well!