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Welcome To Hogwarts

slytherin fashion blogger
Hello first years, and congrats on being accepted into hoggy warty Hogwarts. I am the Slytherin head girl and I will be showing you around. Don't worry, I won't shove you into a stairwell, lock the gates, and throw away the key... yet. We Slytherins get a pretty bad rep -- you've probably heard of how that noseless you-know-who was a Slytherin, and so was that snooty ninny Malfoy. But believe me, we're not all bad eggs. We have morals and feelings just like everyone else, except we would prefer to pretend that we don't.

harry potter inspired outfit
Before you put on your house robes to cover up what fantastic outfits you might have, let me tell you about mine. This is what I like to call Slytherin casual -- flaunting my house pride without being overtly obnoxious about it. The scarf is a must, and an essential for wearing to quidditch matches to show your support. Even if your signature Slytherin resting bitch face doesn't openly display team spirit, a sea of silver and emerald in the spectator's stand will show our team we've got their backs. If you want to jinx a Gryffindor to hurl them off their broom, I'll look the other way.

hogwarts house inspired fashion
I hope you packed a coat as it gets quite nippy at Hogwarts. Yes, yes, we get school robes and jumpers, but let's be real here, you don't want to look like any basic squib while out on the town at Hogsmeade. A nice warm coat that's also fly looking will get you some free firewhiskey at The Three Broomsticks Inn, if you know how to work it. But seeing as you're all first years, maybe you should do less drinking and more practicing your Slytherin stride first.

red panda patronus
Oh, have you met my patronus? No, he's not a raccoon! He's a red panda, though the red part escapes him since he is a patronus. If you call him a raccoon, I will pimple jinx you until you get zits where the sun don't shine. By the way, his name is Serial Chiller, and we like to hang out and talk shit about the Gryffindor quidditch captain. Eventually you'll figure out how to conjure a patronus of your own, and we can have a patronus party in the room of requirement, or like, any other hundreds of corridors here at Hogwarts. Are you surprised that a Slytherin can produce a full bodied patronus? It wasn't that hard, I just thought about churros - perhaps the only magical thing that muggles ever invented.

slytherin house outfit
When you attend the patronus party, make sure you're not dressed like a slob. Jammies are comfortable and all, but how are we supposed to put any presentable photos on our official house Instagram if you're dressed like mom just tucked you in? A crisp button down shirt will go a long way if you know how to accessorize it properly. You think those suspenders I'm wearing serves any practical function? Nope, they just make this plain shirt look spiffier.

hanging out at hogwarts
Well, I know I said I would show you around Hogwarts, but I stopped caring about five minutes ago. The stairs move, the forbidden forest is forbidden, don't eat flying cupcakes... or do, I won't stop you. I hope your time at Hogwarts is every bit as wonderful and magical as you imagined it would be. We can talk again once you get sorted... unless you're sorted into Gryffindor. If that's the case, then you can't sit with us.

slytherin accessories
What's your Hogwarts house and patronus? Let me know in the comments so I know if you can sit with us!

Outfit details: Coat: Target | Shirt, suspenders, skirt, tights: H&M | Necklace: It was a gift | Shoes: Payless | Scarf: Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Wand: I made it!
16 comments on "Welcome To Hogwarts"
  1. Wow..I loved your pendant. I can see some great clicks here. Thanks for a virtual tour to Hogwarts

  2. My patronus is pizza rat. Love how you styled this, and great location!

  3. This is such a cute post! I loved your take on an outfit inspired by Harry Potter and patronus photos are so cool!

    Pri | Paint The Town Chic

  4. This was superb !Cant believe what a cool post it is.How in heavens name did you think about it.Love the outfit .But love your storytelling even more

  5. What an adorable, amazing post! I LOVE your Slytherin outfit hehe! You look perfect. Where oh where do you take your pictures? They are SO stunning and eye-catching and the setting for this particular post is a dream! P.S. You are hilarious and always make me laugh. :D

    1. Ayyyy thank you, love!! I found this place randomly when I was at the park looking for a bathroom... It's a community center where they have classes and generally just space to hang out at! There was a guy sitting inside right by the window when I was trying to shoot the patronus shots, so he looked out and saw this freako waving a wand around LOL.

  6. I loved reading your post! Let me compliment you first for your outfit! You totally look like Slytherin head girl and nailed the outfit!

  7. It's my first time visiting your blog and I've loved it all! I loved the photos and especially the outfit! Loved the place that took the creative!

    1. Ahhh thanks for stopping by! I'm such a fan of your blog!! <33

  8. My husband's niece would be excited about visiting a place like this. She's always been a Harry Potter fan!