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how to style a tutu
I first met Simi a while ago when we worked on some photoshoots together -- she was the stylist, and I was the photographer, and we worked so well together that we managed to be published! Twice! I wouldn't have imagined years later I'd have a fashion blog; who would be better suited to appear on it than her? Only this time she would be styling herself!

To my surprise, she had a whimsical, frilly, super pink outfit! I had always imagined her style to be more street and too cool for school -- I guess when it comes down to it, a stylist always has a bag of tricks with many pleasant surprises.

Here's a quick Q&A with Simi!

ballerina on the streets
AngelSo tell me how you came up with the tutu outfit, and where you first wore it to.
Simi: I was inspired by an outfit I saw Rihanna wearing... It was so over the top yet casual. I started imagining myself wearing it and wishing I could, like so many of us do when we see a cool outfit we like. Instead of passing it over, I started breaking down the outfit and realized I have everything I need in my own closet to make this look happen! Including a pink tutu!

I had an art show event coming up, since fashion is my art, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wear this -- turned out I was the only one not wearing black. The entire room turned to me as I walked in... and I owned it. It turned into conversations about, "How I wish I could do that," and, "I used to be more adventures when I was younger," coming from some younger than me.

walking across a rainbow
Angel: It's courageous of you to be the fluffy pink peacock in a sea of black outfits! Did you enjoy being center of attention?
Simi: At first they tried to judge, but I turned it in to love through confidence. It was actually slightly uncomfortable to be the center of attention for a split second... I knew I didn't want to be there and be uncomfortable, so I went back to why I put this together in the first place and owned it -- I felt like once people realized I was happy and exuded confidence in not looking like everyone else, I could feel the love

Angel: Did you ever use that legendary tutu for other outfit combos?
Simi: I first met this legendary tutu on gay pride parade a couple years ago... and I wore it over a rainbow skirt, the one from the shoot you and I did that was published in freslyWORN Magazine.

happy and giddy in pink
Angel: So just from how you styled our previous shoots with other models, I would have never expected you to put on a poofy pink tutu. How does your personal style differ from styling models for a shoot?
Simi: My personal style goes in to all of the shoots I style. It's what differentiates the look -- personal touches. My personal style is always changing with time. For certain shoots, you're hired to do a job or reach a certain goal for the client... but I always add a personal touch. I wouldn't dress a model in something I wouldn't wear myself or something I don't believe in.

Angel: Describe your current personal style!
Simi: My current personal style is as simple as I can make it, I feel like in general I have an over-the-top Versace style, so I'm always trying to venture into simplicity. My "simple" continues to still stand out, hence the pink tutu. I'm also working on a sustainable clothing style... re-working and saving where I can. The main thing about my style that never changes -- it's all about confidence!

pink tutu and velvet heels
Angel: So how do you confidently incorporate your own style into something seemingly boring, say like dressing for work?
Simi: I push the limit in the sense that if I have an item that on first look wouldn't be considered "professional," I will use that as the center piece and incorporate simple professional pieces to make the whole look. I like using patterns to make it fun!

Angel: What kind of style would you want to explore for our next photoshoot?
Simi: I'm always thinking of new ideas for shooting as pictures speak a thousand words. I always have to go with the vibe of the moment. I like to call it a game time decision -- overthinking my style isn't my style... but planning and organization is important to make a successful shoot happen.

I know as I type this, the gears in Simi's head are already turning for our next shoot. What will it be? Don't expect another tutu, because this girl is all about spontaneity! I'm super excited to shoot her again, and you can all see why!

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Photo cred: Me!
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  1. Your photos are always so inpsiring.. and Mimi is too! I love a woman with confidence who can stand up for herself by showing love instead of anger. Love works miracles.. haha. One day we will get to work together too I hope! So lovely reading this post. Thanks for being you. <333

    1. Ayiee thank you so much Susanna <33 I'm so amped to shoot with you some day!! We're gonna OWN Portland~