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Side Hustle Round Up!

original art commissions and gently used clothing for sale

Happy Super-FlyDay! Today I'm happy to promo a few of my favorite people and their side hustles! Let's face it, the grind is tough, and the struggle is real. We can all use a few bucks here and there to help out with the bills (and for me, three pints of dulce de leche HaƤgen-Dasz please.)

So, if you're looking for some custom artwork, or to find some unique gently used fashion, let me introduce you to some talented kids I'm lucky to know.


You've seen her here before, wearing that bright yellow skirt! But aside from sewing, she also draws! You can commission her for:

Anime style artwork
Anywhere from sketches to full color

Samples | Pricelist


I've watched him digital paint before and I'm honestly still baffled by the awesomeness. It's like watching Bob Ross materialize things out of color blobs -- but less poofy hair and more Swiss. You can commission him for:

Black and white sketches
Full colored characters
A friggin' painting of characters with backgrounds!

Samples | Pricelist


I met Susanna thanks to me lurking and fawning all over her fashion blog! She's truly one of my blogspirations, and her style is on point. And guess what, you can buy some of her gently used pieces!

Her items are available on Depop app which you can get here: iOS | Android

Go go go see her blog!
And you can browse her Depop on desktop too!


And now let me subtly plug... myself! I'm in between jobs at the moment, and to supplement my thrift shop habit bills and groceries, I draw custom doggo and kitty (and bunnies and hamsters and flamingos and whatever) portraits! My Etsy shop is a mixed bag of instant downloads--there's clip art for a lot of different occasions, so drop in and take a look!

Pet Portraits | Clipart Shop
2 comments on "Side Hustle Round Up!"
  1. Ahh thank you doll! I will definitely check out the rad peeps you listed.. and of course your etsy shop.. which I had no idea existed until now so yes, self plugs are definitely necessary! You rule. Hope you have a dope weekend! <3

    1. Not a lot of people know about my Etsy shop because... well I'm bad at self promo too! But it's time to drop the link and run like hell aka. first steps towards not feeling awk about self promotion!