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Tulip Road Trip! (Part 2)

fashion blogging is best when there are flowers around
Welcome back to the second installment of Meghan and Angel's excellent tulip festival road trip blog post! While I would love to talk about how the other half of the Boater Hat Brigade™ about her outfit, she is jetsetting halfway across the globe as I type this post.

So, I'll let the photos speak for themselves, and maybe just awkwardly narrate a bit.

forever 21 mint green jacket
So let's talk about that mint green jacket (my favorite color!) I was present when she purchased it, and would have fought her over it. But alas, I'm a good friend, and good friends don't punch each other. Besides, about two weeks later, we both bloodhound sniffed out this pink letterman jacket and that one went to me instead. A happy compromise.

bright yellow hunter rain boots
Now, from what I can remember, Meghan mentioned that she planned her entire outfit around those bright yellow Hunter boots. We had initially assumed that the tulip field would have been sloppy with mud up the wazoo, but were pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually quite dry. Ginormous rain boots were not needed after all, but the color sure popped nicely among the saturated flowers!

french bulldog print shirt
Are those little French bulldogs on her shirt? You bet your sweet ass they are! In my first post with Meghan, she did mention she keeps an eye out for interesting patterns. And as someone who habitually sends me videos of ridiculous dogs doing ridiculous stumpy legged floppy things, I'm not surprised she managed to find a shirt that reflects her love for doggos.

springtime calls for boater hats and flowers
This concludes the Boater Hat Brigade™'s tulip road trip! Let's all wish Meghan a jolly good time on her European vacation. Too bad I couldn't tag along to blog from abroad... That's on my to-do list for reals.

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Now some side notes and life things:

  • I got a custom URL! The old one will redirect automatically. It's a .se for Sweden, maybe in a future post I'll go into the story for my rabid affection for Sweden.
  • Starting today, I'll be working a full time job. This blog was started when I was woefully unemployed, bored out of my mind, and had a lot of free time. But, I grew to love it so much that I will still post here weekly, no excuses.
  • Speaking of love for blogging, I'm making a separate blog just for photography. It's actually really stupid that I never thought to make a blog to go with my portfolio. D-e-r-p? Will update when I get that up and running!
3 comments on "Tulip Road Trip! (Part 2)"
  1. Beautiful photos as usual!!! Argg I am so in love with this tulip haven (heaven?) haha. Maybe one day I will get to go there! And your friend is adorable! P.S. I will definitely check out your photography website. Which reminds me, I will be in the market for a new camera soon. My simple point and shoot is on the outs and I want something a little more professional but that won't completely break the bank. Do you have any suggestions? Hope you have a lovely week.. and I'm so glad you are still going to post even with your brand new job.. congratulations! <333

    1. AHH I just typed out a long reply and it disappeared ;__; HERE WE GO AGAIN!

      This tulip heaven is amazing!! If you're in Portland, WA isn't that far! Maybe next year we can both road trip there for a meet up blogstravaganza!?

      Also regarding cameras, these tulip photos were taken with a Fujifilm XA3 (comes in pink!) and I absolutely love the clarity/sharpness it's able to get for such a lightweight camera. I would highly recommend it. If you want to go for something a big bigger but more control, you can't go wrong with a Canon Rebel. Even the older models (T5i, T3i) are still great. They're tanks and can take a beating and really last a long time. Although I don't recommend beating it HAHA I'm just not the most delicate person, but my Rebel has lasted a long time! Also, you can probably find some good gently used ones for a good price! I would also recommend getting a 50mm lens with it for some beautifully blurred backgrounds!

      Also I just want to thank you so much for your encouragement and support!! Sometimes I'm cranking out a blog post at 1am wondering what I'm doing with my life??!1? And I'm so happy you enjoy my blog!!

  2. Amazing pictures, as always! I love this scenery full of tulips, it sounds like a dream! Plus, your photography blog looks great, def I will check it out :)