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Tulip Road Trip!

skagit valley tulip festival
Holy crap and a half! I had a sensory overload moment when Meghan and I drove south of the border to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. I felt like I just walked into an alternate universe and my mind exploded. Everything was wonderful and amazing and colorful and there were FLOWERS! EVERYWHERE!

Ok let me back up a little.

We have been trying to scrap together a tulip trip for quite a few weeks, but the weather was hovering somewhere between bad and worse. On top of that, Meghan was about to head to Europe for a month, so that put a now or never pressure on our flower viewing plans. There were a few flower fields in the Greater Vancouver area, but I heard through the grapevine that Skagit was the place to go. That and the pull of getting Jack In The Box (mini churros hello yes!) on the way tipped the scales for me. So on an unusually sunny monday, we set out.

fashion blogger at a tulip field
Skagit Valley is about a two hour drive from Vancouver. After Highway 99 turned into the I-5, we wandered around for a bit before we even found the place. Bad planning on my part -- I forgot to pre-load directions on my phone before my data cut off after the boarder crossing. Off in the distance, we saw patches of color, and made a beeline for it like... well, bees to a flower. Except in this case, ALL THE FLOWERS!

So what does a personal style blogger wear to a tulip field? Well apparently Meghan and I had the similar ideas. When I picked her up, she had her boater hat on. Surprise surprise, I had the same hat!

"What else would you wear to a tulip festival?" She asked cheekily.


fashion road trip
So as the Boater Hat Brigade arrived, and were immediately greeted by sunshine and a LOT of wind. Kind of too much wind, because the light cotton dress I was wearing was obscenely flying up all over the place.

Between wardrobe malfunctions and too many bags to carry, we still had a magical good time taking in the sights and taking an absurd amount of photos. At some point, I stopped caring that my dress was floating up uncontrollably, because it felt like decades since my legs have seen the sun.

Hit me up with that vitamin D!

thrifted plaid dress and slouchy boots
This place really was a dream come true. The blossoms were so densely packed that it looked unreal, like ribbons of gently swaying fabric that stretched on forever. Quite the perfect setting for a blogger -- or anyone looking for a quick hit of good vibes.

Dare I say that there were too many flowers? While yes, I was slightly losing my mind oooh-ing and ahh-ing and not knowing where to focus on, I was also crazy elated. I flitted between photographer and being photographed, all the while trying not to flip out and just dive in head first and roll around in these puffy beautiful flowers.

the best day

There was a sudden moment when we discussed how that brief tulip craze in the 1600's that crashed the Dutch economy seemed to make complete sense. I mean, just look at them.

But alas, these bright colors are fleeting, and I'm so, so happy that we caught them at the height of their bloom.

plaid dress lace top
This was honestly the best half-day trip I could ask for.

So, where's the other half of the Boater Hat Brigade and what was she wearing? I took about a fuckbillion photos of Meghan and they will be posted next week!

Photo cred: Meghan Latta @discomoon | EditingMe!

Outfit details: Tank top: H&M | Lace top: Urban Planet | Boater hat: Dressew | Dress: Thrifted | Coat: Jessica Simpson | Socks: Target | Boots: Rocket Dog
6 comments on "Tulip Road Trip!"
  1. Omg sooo many beautiful pictures!! Those tulips looks so pretty and so are you! Looks like you had an amazing trip :)

  2. Ahhh breathtaking photos! I wanna go there! Tulips are my absolute fave. This post kinda reminds me of The Wizard of Oz//Alice In Wonderland hehe. And you look adorable... LOVE that thrifted dress. Nice find babe. <333

    1. Eeeee I love Alice!! Thank you so much boo!! <33
      (Actually have an Alice outfit planned for at some point in the future!)

  3. Those tulips! that place look like paradise hahah and it combine perfectly with your outfit :)!
    Instagram: @veronicamgx