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Back and Front

simple black dress in the front
There's something bout this dress I wholly adore, and it's that it is business in the front, party in the back. It doesn't take an artisan pattern recognizing genius to see that I rarely wear black. Part of the reason is because of a floofy cat roommate shedding enough hair to make a new cat on a daily basis, and the other part is that I just freaking love bright colors so much.

Admittedly, this dress wasn't instant love when I picked it up... until I flipped it around and saw the back! "Dang, you look better from behind," I whispered to myself as I added it to my want pile.

lace skull dress
The mix of mesh and lace on the back detail was A+, it really brought me back to my emo kid roots. I could hear the angelic melody of My Chemical Romance singing about how I needed this dress, and I heeded the call. So what was the lesson here? Don't judge a dress by only it's front!

While I obsessively lint-rolled my entire outfit before setting out to erase all traces of bothersome ginger cat hairs, I figured I would pay homage to the big fur baby by accessorizing with a purse that is of his likeness.

When a random person riding by on a bike yelled, "Nice kitty bag!" I was about to get very offended, until I remembered that my purse was indeed, an actual kitty bag.

cat bag skull dress
All in all, I absolutely love the ease of light dresses you can just throw on when it's too hot out to bother with layering. 'Tis finally the season when I can wear this particular number with the back showing and no need to throw a jacket over it! Covering the best part of it would be quite unfortunate indeed.

Onwards to summer wonderland and simplicity! But sometimes simple doesn't have to mean plain. The devil's in the detail.

Photo cred: Collin Head @deklyn21 | EditingMe!

Outfit details: Dress: Hot Topic | Kitty bag: Night Market | Socks: Target | Shoes: Ardene | Sunglasses: Ruffles | Bloomers: I made them!
3 comments on "Back and Front"
  1. Ahhh I agree with you that the back of that dress is definitely winning! And so are all of your pictures.. gorgeous as always. I finally have internet here so I fully intend to take advantage of every free moment I have to work on stuff for the blog and my shop. It's so freaking beautiful up here in Portland that I am itching for photo ops! You are always so inspiring and I adore every setting you choose for your photos. Hope life is treating you well and that you are finally enjoying some warmer weather. Take care darlin! <333

    1. Ahhh thank you!! I bet there are so many cute hipster places to dawdle at in your new hood! And wow that's some speedy internet! Earlier this year I tried to change providers and it took A WHOLE MONTH until I had it set up... it was painful trying to blog LOL. Can't wait to see some Portland action on your blog! Let me live vicariously through youuuu~

  2. Such a pretty outfit! The dress is amazing and I loved the detail on the back! The photos are beautiful too, the scenery is incredible! And I loved how you kept it cool with the sunnies and that cuuuuute cat bag :)