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Make It!

flower field photo shoot
It's no secret I'm no stranger to doing it yourself when it comes to finding some kind of unique accessory that just aren't sold in stores, but in this week's post, Meghan is kicking it up a notch. She's artsy while I'm crafty, with our powers combined, we were able to create Captain Planet... errr... the legendary banana tote bag she's carrying!

banana tote bag
Angel: It's time to tell the tale of the banana bag.
Meghan: Ha! OK. Sometimes you wander through H&M and you see something that you are like, I need that, I don't care what it costs! ('Cause it's H&M, it's not gonna break you, let's be real. I see shit like that all the time, but sometimes it's like $1500 and turns out you can live without it.)

So, I bought banana bag, and it was my point of fashion for a whole summer two years ago. And then it got old, and faded, and gross, and the lining ripped, and possibly a marker lost its cap inside so it also had a big red mark. Then I think the final straw was a lip tint exploded all over everywhere inside it, and so I was like ooooooh k, time to retire, b-bag.

flower print shirt, banana print bag ftw
Meghan: I wanted to remake banana bag, so I spent way to much time on Photoshop redrawing the whole damn pattern. I'm not very good at reverse engineering a repeating pattern, so it took forever. Then some friends with a digital cloth printing company made it for me! You then sewed it into a bag for me, 'cause I knew if I tried to do it, I would just eff it up so bad. And in exchange I gave you some X-Files poster prints I illustrated. The End.

So that sums up the story of the banana bag, I should add that when I said Meghan was artsy, she's actually a wizard when it comes to drawing. These bananas might look simple, but oh boy, let me tell you about the detail she put in that aforementioned X-Files poster. In fact, here it is in all its magnificent glory for all you I-want-to-believers:

X-Files Mulder fanart
Illustrated by: Meghan Latta
Angel: So bag making was quite fun. Are there any other patterns that you've made that you want to turn into things?
Meghan: So many! I've been thinking about making some X-Files t-shirts with the same images from the posters I made, I also have a lemon and bees pattern I'd love to turn into a bag and a kinda 50's style bathing suit. I also made these kitty cone drawings inspired by an ice cream shop in Chinatown called Fluffy Kittens Ice Cream, and I think those would be great on a shirt or a bag.

antique enamel brooch turned necklace
Angel: Is it more satisfying to wear one of your own creations than a store bought thing?
Meghan: Oh, yeah, so much. I'd love to get a compliment and answer with, "I made it!"

Angel: Is it a plus or minus that you make something/get something printed and it's essentially one of a kind since you're not selling them (yet)?
Meghan: Well, this could be many, because the file still exists, etc. It's not like a painting where you do it and then you can buy that one thing, and then there are no others. My bananas/my copy of H&M's bananas could take over the world. Also I feel like if I was still having to justify my art in art school, I would say that my banana bag is now a comment on commercialization and appropriation in the era of the multiple, and the resurgence of craft.

simple casual fashion blog
Angel: Moving on to that necklace. Was it actually a necklace or did you make it?
Meghan: It was some kind of collar pin, I was told by the dudes at the antique shop in Victoria where I bought it. I just added a chain.

Angel: This whole outfit has a lot of make it yourself elements.
Meghan: Yeah!

necklace detail
Angel: I do enjoy making little doo-hickeys.
Meghan: I need to do more! T-shirts!

So... I have a peculiar feeling that there may be future posts where we wear shirts printed from Meghan's designs!

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Photo cred: Me!
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  1. Such a nice look! Loving your shirt and bag!
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  2. Your photos are always so magical! And your friend is adorable. And yesss I am totally all about the "make it yourself" mantra. That's what's up! <333