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The Neglected Self

taxi cdc dress
So I was reading over last week's post, and realized that a deterioration in writing was evident. Maybe I was being too critical of myself, or maybe it really was kind of sub-par... One thing was for sure, I am more than aware that I was simply too drained to put together anything coherent. I'm working a lot and recharging too little, to top it all off, I'm forgetting to eat properly on most days -- note to self: coffee and cookies are not nutrients!

flying over lindeman lake
This weekend was recharge time! After eating a proper meal, I was off to the wilderness to get lost in nature. I'm not sure if I got the memo that fashion and hiking was a difficult combination to perfect for someone who absolutely thinks athleisure should disappear from the face of the planet... so of course I put on a light dress in lieu of anything sensible for hopping over rocks and climbing up dirt paths.

on top of the world!
Despite not being as agile as I could be if I just relented and put on some stretchy shorts, I felt pretty good about this journey while standing on top of that rock with the picturesque cerulean lake underneath. I felt very Picnic at Hanging Rock the entire time -- pale aesthetics amidst rugged nature.

peach 80's jacket
I had a marvelous time! Nature and the lack of phone reception did help me unwind and soak in some healthy clean air and giddy introspection. I was starting to get worried that I had hit a point in blogging where I honestly had nothing to write about -- but that was just because I was too tired last week to form any meaningful sentences in my rambling.

So in summary, this week has taught me some important rules:
  1. Form over function, every time!
  2. Eat actual food!
  3. Pastel > everything!
  4. No athleisure, ever!
Of course, these only apply to me. What are your rules for life?

Photo cred: Collin Head @deklyn21 | EditingMe!
Outfit details: Dress: Taxi Cdc | Jacket, belt: Thrifted | Shoes: Urban Outfitters
4 comments on "The Neglected Self"
  1. Ahhh this is such a beautiful post. What an adorable little dress.. I must have one for myself! Haha. Yeah, I love nature.. but am not always so practical when I go out in it.. but I am learning! :) I totally get you on the whole neglected self topic.. I do this from time to time and need to remember to reel myself back in occasionally. But I always truly love your writing in every single one of your posts. So honest and pure and wise and such a breath of fresh air from the typical "this is what I'm wearing today" post. Hope you are having a lovely week dear. Thanks for being who you are! <3

    1. Thank you Susanna! Your comments always cheer me up even when I'm dead tired in zombie mode! The dress is from Taxi CDC which coincidentally I think is from NorCal somewhere... I got it from a handmade craft fair in LA! It's comfy AND cute! Best of both worlds.

  2. You said it all with this rule: "Pastel > everything!". I totally agree with you! Especially when it comes to clothes! Even though it's winter here now I insist on continuing to wear pastel clothes because I just can't help it! Besides, I loved your photos, as always, and also your outfit :)

    1. YASSS! I need more pastel in my life~ Currently looking for shorts in all kinds of pastel, but not having any luck. Fingers crossed though, summer is still happening! Also wow blogger did not notify me of any new comments and I didn't see yours until now. SHAME ON MEEEE