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Days Gone By

weekend getaway outfit
Hello all! I'm back from my Canada Day excursion to the island! Many photos were taken, many bug bites were sustained, many steps were walked, and many delicious meals were enjoyed.

In case anyone wanted a quick crash course of west coast Canadian geography, Vancouver Island is an island (duh) off the coast of (double duh) Vancouver, it is home to Victoria, this province's capital city. The last time I hopped on the ferry to go there I was a tragically tacky teenager many many moons ago. This time I hopefully was a bit better dressed for a long weekend getaway.

palm tree shirt, panda necklace
Parts of the sights were exactly as how I remembered it from ages ago, and I was the one who changed -- older, blonder, more jaded in some aspects, but definitely have more of an appreciation for food and fashion.

And this got me thinking... (and a question for more seasoned fashion/style bloggers out there) What's it like looking back at your posts from a year, two years, five years ago?

chillin' at Butterfly Gardens, Victoria
Blogs are like a personal time capsule, and just remembering what I was like last year... I wouldn't have ever volunteered to wear shorts with pleats in them, much less tuck my shirt in even if you bribed me with a dozen churros. Style evolves so quickly these days -- I'm somewhat guilty of fast fashion and a short attention span despite the fact that I tend to keep clothes for quite a long time before I retire them.

bucket waist shorts
So, some questions (for myself and for anyone reading this) to ponder:

How has your style changed from last summer to now?
Last year I was all about ease, as in easy to put on and get out the door in less than 5 minutes. For that reason, I was mostly in dresses. Throw it on, get going! It was quite minimalist, and I think I only rotated through 4 or 5 dresses the entire summer. Mind you, I was also traveling and weighed efficiency over details.

Have you ever looked back at a not so long ago outfit and just... cringed?
Oh. Yes. I have some things that are definitely impulse purchases and about a week after, I look at it and think to myself, 'Yikes.' I have this shirt with a GINORMOUS bow on the front that I absolutely loved for about a month. I love bows, absolutely love them, but this was just so out of proportion that they look like they can flap and fly away. This was from about a year and a half ago.

Have you ever looked back at an outfit past and just thought, yeah this is still lit?
Yes, some things seem to age like a fine wine. I have a polka dotted dress from Target going almost 6 years strong that's still one of my favorites. Maybe I'm biased because it's in my favorite color (teal!) but the fit, length, color, print are all spot on (pun intended!)

st. ann's school house
I wonder what I'll be wearing next summer. I wonder if this is the first blog that I've made that will stand the test of time so I can ask myself those questions again. I wonder, I wonder, and I wonder how everyone reading this have evolved in their own lives?

More island posts coming up for the next two weeks! Three days of vacation begets three posts worth! I'm always thinking of this blog even while taking it easy!

Photo cred: Collin Head @deklyn21 | Editing: Me!
Outfit details: Shirt: Old Navy | Shorts: Harve Bernard | Jacket thing: Target | Sunglasses: Ruffles | Panda necklace: A gift from my lovely photog/foodie compatriot/partner in crime | Backpack: Amazon | Shoes: Ardene
3 comments on "Days Gone By"
  1. Loving all of your pictures, as always! The outfit looks really comfy and I loved it!
    Oh and I totally agree with you about blogs being a time capsule..a great way to looking back and remember how you were :)

    1. Thank you thank you! Those bucket shorts were great for wandering around (logged 30,000 steps taken in just one day oyyyyyy!)