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The Goldilocks Zone

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Ojojoj, I missed my usual Monday post day, and I feel bad about it. But honestly, the weather has been so nice that I was out the door every day and too wiped by the time I get back on Sunday nights. Last night, even after an XL coffee, I couldn't peel myself off the couch and put my fingers to the keyboard... so here's a Tuesday post day!

Let's talk about something everyone has experienced -- lack of self confidence. It's been on my mind lately, and what better time to write about it than paired with photos that I feel kinda awkward about? (Swim suit edition -- so exposed!) But here they are, because I adore pink stripes, and the scenery at Sooke Potholes Provincial Park was absolutely beautiful.

So confidence + blogging is kind of a weird balance for me. I'm putting myself out there and having fun doing it while being fully aware that I'm possibly the most low-maintenance person I know. There are bloggers with gorgeous hair, meticulous makeup, shining beautiful nails... and here I am -- if I even bother to run a brush my hair, it's considered a good day. And let's not ever zoom in on my nails, it's a real horror show there. Sometimes I feel like I should put in more effort. But then again, saying, 'Oh well, fuck it!' Pretty much sums me up as a person, and I do enjoy keeping it it real here.

striped shirt striped swimsuit
The flip side of that is I feel inadequate as a fashion blogger sometimes. Could my photos be a bit more polished? Yes. Can I maybe just dig out the flat iron from underneath my bathroom sink for once? Definitely. Should I at some point use some concealer on those mega panda dark circles under my eyes? Sure! But will I? Eh, it's debatable. While I do envy well put together people, I find that I lack the time and attention span to do it for myself. So the balance is hard to achieve. Where is my Goldilocks zone in terms of appearance vs. effort? I don't really know, but maybe blogging will help me find out eventually.

And in terms of feeling awkward in a swim suit, I absolutely prefer one piece suits, but having a freakishly long torso makes that awfully difficult. (Can you say wedgie city?!) Despite gallivanting around with short shorts and even shorter dresses, I'm kind of a prude when it comes to my belly -- kind of like a cat that will claw your face off if you attempt belly rubs. I prefer it to not see the light of day, and only had no problem with it at this particular park because it was so secluded. If you asked me why, I couldn't really tell you because I honestly don't know. It's just a vague, itchy feeling that it should stay inside clothing at all times.

sooke potholes provincial park
But here it is, and this will probably be the only time that vulnerable midriff will be seen in public... and now it's on the internet. But as I like to say, "Oh well, fuck it!" We all have things about ourselves that we're not so fond of... but dang this swimsuit was so cute and so within my budget that I went for it.

How do you deal with your vulnerabilities? Are you comfortable with yourself? How do you improve on that? For me, it's definitely just to plod along until solutions present themselves. I'm in no hurry.

Photo cred: Collin Head @deklyn21 | EditingMe!
Outfit details: Shirt: Old Navy | Swimsuit. shoes: Ardene | Shoes: Ardene | Sunglasses: Ruffles 
2 comments on "The Goldilocks Zone"
  1. I'm actually going out to the river to do this very thing today! I'm so stoked about it. This post is delightful and your swimsuit is so cute! You look like a little pixie haha. I hope you aren't too affected by the fire? We are getting smoke from it all the way over here in Portland.. it's so crazy!

    1. The air is pretty thick here! You can actually look directly at the sun and it's covered in this weird orange haze. It's starting to dissipate though, which is great because allergies... HAVE FUN AT THE RIVER!! I bet those Oregonian rivers are gorgeous!!