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Colo(u)r Theory

H&M tropical flowers pinafore
Meghan's back on the blog! This time she's wearing a killer pinafore I would punt someone for. Ruffles? Yes! Bright warm yellow? Yes yes! And this time, we talk a bit about wearing colors, even though we don't agree on the spelling of the word, we both love it. (I will stubbornly spell it the American way even though I have converted to using metric! Celsius rules!)

Color, colour, however you choose to spell it, this yellow and green set of photos was botanical-icious and looked like some kind of post-impressionist painting.

yellow and green romper
Angel: Let's talk about how our friends don't wear color. You're probably the only one I know who likes wearing colors.
Meghan: Slag off our square friends. People are I think, one, afraid to stand out. Two, they think it's too hard to have stuff match if it is colour rather than black.
Angel: I don't want to say it's lazy, but it's kind of lazy. Colors are good.
Meghan: Colours are great.

Wonderful frolicking in the plants outfit.
Angel: What's so bad about standing out though?
Meghan: I like to peacock a bit. Also, it's Vancouver, nobody really cares.
Angel: Ok, what city have you been to that has more colors?
Meghan: Ehh... none, actually! Like, people dress well in London, but not that much colour. Actually, Paris, I suppose. But they just dress really nice there, not even sure if so much colour. Old men in London have mad good style, but it's very simple.

Crochet top detail
Angel: What kind of old man fashion do they have in London?
Meghan: Coloured sweater, one solid colour, like green or red over white coloured shirt. Some kind of acceptable trouser. Coloured socks, and very nice lace up leather, possibly Oxford shoe. This one old man had very light pink ones and I was like, 'Eeee!'
Angel: Oooo I want! I would rock some old man shoes. Oh wait, I have old man shoes!
Meghan: Haha, yes you do!
Angel: Do you get compliments when you wear bright colors?
Meghan: Yes, I don't think anyone has ever said anything disparaging.

laying in a flower field
Angel: One lady saw my pink holograph belt once and said, "Wow it takes someone with real confidence to wear something so bright!" I don't think it's really about confidence though, I just don't want to look like I'm going to a funeral every day by wearing basic black.
Meghan: Haha, I also don't think black really does anything for me. And I like bright colour in winter 'cause everything is already kinda grey, so why do we gotta be? I think that in order to wear colour you do have to know a little of the basics of colour theory.
Angel: I'm sure I learned this in art class, I just don't remember any of it.

red roses, yellow outfit
Meghan: Like what goes together, how many different colours and patterns can you put together in one outfit, how to break the rules, what clashes, sometimes you want things to clash. But it works best if you kinda have a sense of how that all works. Having a visual art background does make all that intuitive more or less for me, so I don't have to sweat too much. Also by now I know what I like, and what I want to convey with my clothes.
Angel: What's a good kind of clash?
Meghan: Like pink and green, or red and pink... Or orange and fuchsia.
Angel: Everyone says red and pink clash, but I think it's the best combo.
Meghan: Yes! But you gotta know the kind of red, and the kind of pink.

There you have it, we love colo(u)rs! Are you a brightly hued peacock or do you prefer to keep it simple?

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Photo cred: Me!
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