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There's something quite old about this set of photos... It was taken back in June and I completely forgot about it, and the dress and jacket are both old-ish. I guess when you buy things from H&M and they last over 5 years, it just seems... old.

In fact, this has been a staple spring/early summer outfit of mine for years. It's something like a comfort outfit -- I know it goes together because I've worn it 509 times. I know it's old but I still like it. Do you have one of those? The outfit you can throw on without much of a second thought because you already know exactly how it fits and how it looks. It's familiar, a comfort zone.

I had a better transition from talking about clothes to talking about life... but I definitely just lost my train of thought so allow me to make a hard left here. Speaking of comfort and something you can fall back on: sinking into comfort and complacency is fine... for a while.

I'm at a weird crossroads right now in life. I'm about to leave the job I got after a good 8 months of looking to try and do something that's more fulfilling.

It's doesn't pay more. It's not a guarantee. It's just a leap of faith.

So whether or not I fail miserably, or finally find something I can wake up happily for, we'll see. I have to say, I spent a large chunk of my life being comfortable and complacent, and found that it was a huge waste of time. Yes, a steady paycheck is essential, but it also came with a steady sense of a mediocre, bland life devoid of ambition. I have a goal now after floundering in uncertainty for a long time, and won't call it quits until everything comes crashing down in flames.

And if everything does go horribly wrong, at least the people at this job now are OK with me coming back after I'm done chasing dreams.

Kind of like this outfit. An oldie but a goodie. Something to fall back on if that shiny new thing doesn't work out.

Yeah I'm aware I'm being very vague, but when I did type out what exactly I wanted to do, it seemed to be very boring of an explanation. So for now, just meet my comfort outfit before I take off (and no, I'm not bringing it with me... Limited suitcase space! But guess what... it'll be here ready to be worn the day I'm back and short on clean clothes.)

Do you like basking in comfort? Or do you like throwing caution to the wind? There is no right answer, but one thing is for sure: I fucking love polka dots.

Photo cred: Meghan Latta @discomoon | EditingMe!
Outfit details: Dress, jacket, socks: H&M | Shoes: Joe Fresh
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  1. I talked about comfort zone too in my latest post! I've never been adept at posting comfy clothes that I wear on ordinary days, but I've decided to change that and start posting them, because after all it's cool to share that outfit with people and see how they react! Your outfit is really cool and looks super comfy as well :)