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Before I even say anything about this dress that I adore, let me just tell you about the disaster that was this photoshoot! Meghan and I planned to go hit up the beach at low low tide so we had a lot of sand to work with, and could be closer to the boats and mountains. Thanks to some Googling, schedule coordinating, and bum rushing to pick up balloons, we finally made it to the busy beach! We trekked for a good 15 minutes from the parking lot out to where the water was when I realized my memory card was not in the camera, but sitting on my desk at home.

There we were, balloons at the ready, so far out on the beach that the road was just a tiny ribbon in the distance and I decided to book it back to dry land and drive like the wind to go home to grab that damned card. After hopping over some sharp rocks encrusted with barnacles (whilst cussing with every step,) I made it home and back and ready to shoot in good time! The only sacrifice were my shoes that were just not made for dashing in wet sand. No matter, it looks much breezier this way anyways.

And now onto the outfit... When I was picking out balloons, I was too overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices to even be able to remember what I had in the closet to go with what. But pastel pink and teal was a pretty safe choice because... well, I can guesstimate that 70% of my clothes include those two colors in some combination or another. After digging a bit, I found this dress that I actually forgot I had... It's one of those things I like to call a Target classic -- as in I know I got it at Target eons ago and but no clue exactly how long ago. It was a perfect companion for my balloon bouquet!

I may not remember when I got it, but I do remember clearly the thought I had when I first saw it: Floral print and plaid?! What kind of abomination-combination is this? I must have it! It's busy but I love it. It's breezy and goes perfectly with my perpetual messy wind blown hair. For this shoot, I felt like I wanted to flap my arms, squawk a little, fly away with balloons in tow... and that open back would help me glide in the air like some floral-laden mutant pastel bird.

I guess the moral of this whole debacle is if you fail at first, run run run and get it done! Run fast enough that you feel like flying when you do get all your shits together. I'm happy I got to rediscover a cute dress. Happy the low tide was still low after I doubled back to get that memory card. Happy that of all the haphazard things to happen, even with a bloody foot after stepping on a barnacle, we got some great photos for my blog.

Ok, this post is getting a bit too long winded for such a simple outfit, so I'll just leave off by saying this: Sometimes things go wrong, but teal and pink fixes all the boo-boos. Oh yeah, and don't be afraid to fly.

I'm flying to LA this week! Hello old home, I hope we can get something productive done together. Vancouver with your gorgeous mountains and beaches, I'll smell you later.

Photo cred: Meghan Latta @discomoon | EditingMe!
Outfit details: Dress,: Target | White shirt: Joe Fresh
2 comments on "Fly"
  1. Omg this post is so cute! The pictures are so so amazing, and so are you! Loved how the outfit turned so simple and lovely :)

    1. Thank you!! Balloons make everything better :D