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Hello from beautiful Malibu!

I made it to LA, and have been here for three days. This trip was supposed to be a stay-cation, as in I'd be actively looking for work, working, but maybe try to relax a little without the super rigid schedule I've had for the last few months.

So speaking of relax, what's more relaxing than 1) handing the reins over to someone else and let them handle the task of dressing me for this set, and b) heading to the beach?

My friend Pauline was the one to pick out the dress straight from her closet, drove us to Malibu beach, and braved climbing those loosey goosey rocks to take the photos! She doesn't have a shortage of floral prints in her massive collection of clothes, so in essence, this look is very her.

It was an interesting experiment to see how personal personal style is. Up until now, I have been dressing myself for every post, thus everything has been very me.

Would you find anything like this in my closet? I'm going to say no, even though floral prints are kind of my thing as well. The wrap factor would have deterred me, as demonstrated by the fact that I couldn't figure out how to get into this dress when we raided Pauline's closet. And I would have probably been drawn to things that were more vibrant in color.

But for something that at first glance, I wouldn't have picked off a rack myself, I kinda bonded with it after walking along the beach and having it flap and fly in all the right ways.

Exploring just how personal it can get with personal style sounds like a good mini-series, I think I'll be letting Pauline dress me for the next few posts. It's interesting to see what we agree on, and what we don't in terms of fashion.

As for our mutual love for floral prints... her focus seems to be on the details of the print (see all those sharp, thin lines on this dress?) and mine is on color.

There's lots more to explore! She has a massive closet that I can't wait to rifle through!

And speaking of relax, it's something I still have to work on. Not being constantly occupied was making me nervous, and I felt like I was wasting time just sitting there and soaking in the sea breeze. I'll learn though. As I'll learn to loosen up a little and maybe put on the pair of *capri pants Pauline has set aside for me. Maybe.

* I hate capri pants.

Photo cred: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte EditingMe!
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