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Let's Play Dress Up

Last time Pauline dressed me, we hit the beach in a simple, breezy dress. This time was a bit more put together. Since she was to have free reign over what clothes to put me in, she immediately jumped on the chance to put me into a skirt that didn't make a good first impression for me the last time I saw it... But as the pieces started to come together, I was feeling pretty freaking cool. The final outfit was almost too cool for me. I felt super weird in it because it's so far out of my normal range of fashion in terms of color, print, silhouette... So I'll let Pauline talk about this outfit. All the pieces were hers except for the shoes. I might fit into some of her clothes, but my ginormous yeti feet would never squeeze into her tiny goblin shoes.

Angel: Let's start by stating the fact that you knew I would dislike that skirt, but chose to put me in it anyway... why?

Pauline: So I was positive you didn't like the skirt because I tried to get you to wear it in December,
and you said, "HA! No." So when you said you'd be willing to wear anything I wanted this time, I knew that I wanted you to wear that skirt because it's lengthening.

Angel: Not sure I need lengthening, tbh.

Pauline: Actually, I know you're tall enough to wear the outfit in the way I wanted, which is a crop top with a skirt. And whatever, lengthening is always great.

Angel: So basically, you had this in your closet but it doesn't fit on you the way you wanted.

Pauline: Yeah. I actually bought the skirt a year before the top because I loved how "Parisian" it looked. I tried to wear it with several shirts, and they never "worked" with it. I wanted a shirt with detailing, and the little laser bits were perfect.

Angel: What makes it Parisian, as someone who actually spent time in Paris?

Pauline: Because it's long and kinda conservative, and striped, and it has a tiny bit of pleats on it. Well, "paper bag" pleats.

Angel: Well, I do enjoy the paper bag bit -- I like it in shorts, but something about that length skirt makes me go nope. Not sure why.

Pauline: I know you're not into the length of the skirt. I've known you long enough to know you don't wear skirts that length ever.

Angel: It's like the longest tube of fabric ever. But... I was pleasantly surprised.

Pauline: Yeah, it was a good length, its unfortunate it was too big.

Angel: How long is it on you?

Pauline: Hm... I wear it on my waist, and its probably only like 3 inches up from my ankles. Very long on me.

Angel: Would you ever hem it?

Pauline: Nope. I like the length on me too, it's just not how I see it in an ideal outfit.

Angel: I felt very "blogger" in that outfit, as opposed to normally, I don't.

Pauline: I think that's likely an influence from me reading fashion bloggers for a long time, I've read some of them for over 10 years. Well... almost 10 years, and Ii think there's a very generic "LA blogger look" nowadays, which includes very specific silhouettes, solid colors, graphic prints, etc.

Angel: I get that aesthetic. it feels wholly impersonal to me because it's common.

Pauline: Yeah, it's an aesthetic I personally really enjoy. and my aesthetic for clothing and style is pretty sleek I think, like classic shapes.

Angel: You like structured stuff.

Pauline: Yeah.

Angel: You like a very specific silhouette. I don't even know what my aesthetic is sometimes, just that it's not even close to the same ballpark as yours.

Pauline: I think you have more of a whimsy, and like the romantic look of the skirts and dresses.

Angel: Was it weird seeing me in your outfit?

Pauline: Oh yeah. Baffling. Because it wasn't a very you outfit.

Angel: I'd be willing to steer more towards a "blogger" look, I just don't know where to start. Maybe look at something, think eww no way, and then buy it.

Pauline: I feel like that's the fun of fashion though, right? You're never really restricted to any one style or whatever.

Angel: Speaking of styling, you styled a photoshoot we did... not for me but for a model. Did you enjoy the process?

Pauline: Oh of course. I love styling. In an ideal world, I would do a lot more styling. I think its so fun to come up with different ways to put together outfits. I imagine in a perfect world, I'd have access to anything, and I'd be able to put together outfits.

Angel: In an ideal world, Brenda wouldn't have tripped on a banana.*

Pauline: LMFAO truuuuuuue. I actually like to collect clothes. Like what I said about that skirt, I owned it for a full year before I found the top. Sometimes things just come together. Fashion is cyclical, so things always come back into fashion. I mean we saw velvet slip dresses become a thing again this year. I think paperbag skirts and tailored pants will always be fashionable, I also think peplums will always be in fashion. I think anything tailored can be in fashion... and florals.

Angel: I hate peplums, are you planning on putting me in some peplums any time soon?

Pauline: Haha one step at a time.

Angel: I hope you had fun styling for my blog.

Pauline: I did! It's interesting to see you wear new things. It's exciting to see you like... try things you'd never normally wear. It's been cool to see how your personal style has changed over the years. Like remember you used to wear only jeans and a plaid shirt over a t-shirt?

Angel: Those were dark days.

Unfortunately, I'm back in Vancouver now and more styling by Pauline would have to wait until my next visit. I had a lot of fun, and at the same time, started to wonder about my wardrobe... Is it too much of the same? And how hard would it be to get a few things that at first glance makes me go yikes, but then later would have the potential to be great? I actually can't wait to wear more things that are seemingly out of character. Fashion is fun!

*The shoot in question with our model, Brenda, was never completed because before I even took my first shot, she slipped and skinned her knee horribly. She's OK though! And we have another Pauline styled, Brenda modeled, me photographed shoot that's set to be published in January! Hype!

Photos/styling: Pauline Hsieh @lauhte EditingMe!
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