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A Hot Mess

There comes a time (allegedly) in every fashion blogger's blog where an outfit doesn't make much sense. This is one of those times.

Ok, I'll admit it, I've definitely been overworked and haven't had time to plan out what to wear for a while now. Other difficulties include: It's really cold out, and most of my shoes have started leaking in the soggy weather because apparently I am a serial shoe killer.

So excuse me while I mix all the earth tones I have plus the only pair of boots that aren't leaking for another autumn post.

I'll be honest here, I have no idea what I was doing.

All I know is, I had to stay warm, and neutral colors were boring. Enter this Frankenstein of an outfit that I threw together in about 4 minutes. I have to say, I didn't like it when I walked out the door, but it looks not as bad as I initially thought in photos against a rich-yet-grey-storm's-a-comin' backdrop.

I have incredible admiration for people who can manage to wear weather sensible outfits and not look like someone just forcibly jammed some jigsaw pieces together and called it a day. (Guilty!) But over the course of the day, this outfit did start to grow on me a little, because it's so WTF that I quite enjoyed the mismatched-ness of it all.

So just how do style bloggers keep on keeping on as it gets colder and yuckier outside? If anyone knows how to not become a amorphous fluffy marshmallow in a thick coat I'd love to know your secrets.

And as for this hot mess of an outfit, well at least the barista at a hipster cafe liked it!

Photo cred: Collin Head @deklyn21 | EditingMe!
Outfit details: Dress, boots: Thrifted  | Bag: Amazon | Coat: Target | Leggings, belt: Forever 21 | Hat: Spirit Halloween
2 comments on "A Hot Mess"
  1. I must say I'm loving your posts lately! I'm not having much time to comment here but I keep following your blog!
    This outfit is perfect for the winter, I loved it! I'm already missing winter and coats, since it's summer here now haha

    1. Eeee thank you!! I love seeing your comments always! Thanks for sticking around~ I've been spottily posting lately because... yup, time, that elusive monster.